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Canterro – Solo (4 track CD single) 7.5/10

This has to be the first release from Austria I’ve ever heard. Not a country you associate with big AOR bands, but this could be the first.

Canterro is an outfit which revolves around lead singer Berni „Canterro“ Kanduth, a man possessed with a voice which is very suited to melodic rock. The thing I don’t understand about this CD single is

the order of the tracks. First track (and therefore, presumably the single) is The Key, a song with a „nice“ acoustic and piano feel to it. But therein lies the problem …. it’s too nice!

Move to track 2 and now we start to get going! Power is the sort of song that Canterro should be doing all of the time as it’s a damn fine AOR song … it should also have been the main track on this single. Great chorus with superb backing vocals, the sort of track you’d find on a Robert Tepper album and if that isn’t a compliment then I don’t know what is.

The third track, River Of Love, continues from where Power left off. Same style song with an excellent guitar-riff that sounds really 80s, and another strong chorus.

The fourth track is an unplugged version of The Key. I don’t understand why, if they wanted to do an unplugged version of one of the songs, they chose this track as it isn’t too far from unplugged in its original form.

My recommendation to the band would be to stick to songs like Power and River Of Love because they do them very well and Berni’s vocals are more suited to them. It’d be interesting to see what direction a full album would take.


Canterro -

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