Vocalist Bernie Kanduth used to be the frontman for a band called FAHRENHEIT in the past (just in case someone might remember…) and is now fronting a young four-piece by the name CANTERRO. He´s also helping out another band called BIG ENUFF, whose musicians got together with him to do his first solo-record, which also got released under the CANTERRO monicker…Confused? This 4-track ep was recorded at the end of 1994 and feautures excellent melodie rock / AOR-material. Bernie´s voice is almost perfect for this style of music as he´s able to sing with a lot of variety and emotions. The opening track „The Key“ is feautured twice (the 2nd version was done unplugged) and could easily make it in the charts. It´s a really emotional ballad-type song with great harmonies and a catchy chorus. Some goes for the other songs feauturen here. They all have great hooklines, a strong vocal delivery and good melodies. If you enjoy AOR-music, you should other a copy of this ep for öS 100,- (no other currencies mentioned from the following address:


c/o Bernie Kanduth

Postfach 155

A-9560 Feldkirchen


I am looking forward to hear a full-lengh album of this guys !


Canterro -

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